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Tax / Customs

Chesneau Fischel guides companies in the management of tax issues they encounter on a day-to-day basis and with their external growth or restructuring operations.

The firm’s expert handling of tax procedures makes it a privileged partner for companies in their dealings with government departments, both in its consultancy work (obtaining and implementing a special tax system), in disputes, to assist the company and its corporate officers facing a tax inspection, and in defending them whenever the dispute is taken before the courts.

In close collaboration with stakeholders in the airport sector, Chesneau Fischel also advises companies handling international flows of goods on setting up economic customs systems.

In addition, the firm assists company directors in optimizing the various components of their remuneration package (salary, stock options, allocation of bonus shares), their personal wealth and their investments.

Areas of expertise

Chesneau Fischel intervenes in the following areas on a regular basis:

Advice to businesses

  • Tax issues relating to the sale and purchase of aircraft (VAT, tax clearance)
  • Tax audit in connection with buying and selling transactions
  • Obtaining and monitoring tax approvals (takeover of companies experiencing financial difficulties, partial asset transfers)
  • Determining the tax effects of restructuring operations (registration fees, capital gains, loss carry-overs, reversal of provisions)
  • Handling tax inspections and disputes: assistance with accounts auditing, preparing the response to the proposed reassessment, referral to the administrative Commissions (CDIDTCA, etc.) and to the courts

Advising private individuals

  • Advising company directors on the tax impact of investing or divesting transactions
  • Transfer of domicile (exit tax, determining the taxation system for different types of income in accordance with double taxation conventions)


  • Determining and implementing the customs procedures applying to the importing, transport and clearance of goods for home use
  • Conducting court proceedings (notably before the customs conciliation and assessment commission, the tax, customs and exchange dispute committee or the courts)