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Labour law / Human resources

Chesneau Fischel assists employers in the management of their company’s human resources and in their relations with trade unions and staff representative bodies.

The lawyers draft the various deeds relating to individual labour relations, constantly seeking to reconcile the company’s economic imperatives with the necessary protection of employees. Chesneau Fischel also guides company directors in setting up and consulting staff representative bodies when the company reaches key milestones in its development (opening new establishments, forming subsidiaries, restructuring, layoffs, disposals, transfers of business).

Our firm assists companies in resolving individual and trade disputes and intervenes before all French courts (industrial relations tribunals, ordinary courts, administrative courts, etc.).

We have developed expertise in social regulations governing flight crews (AIR OPS and EU OPS regulations, FTL, planning On and Off days, SMMG, etc.).

Areas of expertise

Our lawyers deal with the following issues on a regular basis:

  • Drafting employment contracts (mobility clauses, training-penalty clauses, non-competition clauses),
  • Employment contract termination procedures (dismissal, approved contractual termination, out-of-court settlement),
  • Company restructuring (informing/consulting staff representative bodies, mass layoffs),
  • Takeover of companies experiencing financial difficulties (transferring staff, terminating collective bargaining agreements),
  • Prevention of industrial disputes,
  • Social status of company directors and officers and optimizing the components of their remuneration package (salary, bonuses, allowances, incentives, profit-sharing) with regard to applicable taxes and social security contributions.