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ACNUSA / DGAC / Pax / EU-ETS / Airport Fees

Chesneau Fischel is the reference firm in France in assisting airlines before the ACNUSA in the event of breaches of airport nuisance abatement rules.

Chesneau Fischel has handled more than 500 ACNUSA cases over the last five years on behalf of around thirty airlines operating scheduled services and business aviation companies.

Chesneau Fischel also defends numerous cases of breaches of regulations on air slots and breaches of the rules governing CO2 quotas (SEQUE-UE, EU-ETS) before the DGAC and the Ministry of ecological transition.

The Firm also defends its clients when they are criticized in unfavorable OSAC and EASA reports for ungrounded and debatable reasons.

Finally, for airlines, Chesneau Fischel deals on a daily basis with passenger compensation claims based on Regulation 261/2004.

Areas of expertise

  • Assisting airlines before the ACNUSA and before the CAAC (Administrative Commission for Civil Aviation of the DGAC)
  • Lodging appeals before administrative courts against ACNUSA fines (for noise pollution) and against fines imposed by the Minister (time slots, Regulation 261/2004, EU ETS, EU ETS, OSAC reports, EASA reports)
  • Advising airport managing authorities on incentive measures for airlines and adjustments of airport fees
  • Litigation against passengers seeking compensation for flight delays or cancellations (Regulation 261/2004)
  • Assistance to airlines before the Autorité de Régulation des Transports

Worthy of note:
Chesneau Fischel played a part in defending the rights of airlines before ACNUSA in 2017 by having the Constitutional Council quash the provisions of the Transport Code organizing ACNUSA’s investigation procedure, in that this procedure did not guarantee the impartiality of the president of ACNUSA (Decision 2017-675 QPC of November 24, 2017).

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