France / air law:

Recent interventions:


The Firm’s lawyers have recently been involved in the following fields:

  • The French law firm Chesneau Fischel, member of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), contributed to the writing of a booklet presenting the system of taxes applying to jet fuel. [PDF, 4,4 Mo]
  • Assisting growing SMEs : fundraising, share capital increases, restructuring, commercial licensing, creation of subsidiaries in Europe and Middle East
  • Pre-purchase inspection of an airbus for an airline operating commercial flights / Sale of jets by an airline operating corporate flights
  • Negotiation of a partnership and sub-contracts between an oil group and its business partners
  • Assisting companies of the engineering, manufacturing, safety and aviation sectors on labour law issues
  • Assisting a Group providing ground handling services on issues relating to safety and security
  • Assisting a Group of the temporary work sector in the reorganization of its subsidiaries and the consolidation of its activities
  • Commercial disputes / Tax disputes / Labour law disputes / Criminal cases
  • Challenging fines decided by the ACNUSA, the Administrative Commission of the Civil Aviation and the Préfet


  • The Firm is a member of the Comité Henry Goüin, a committee of companies supporting the Royaumont Foundation’s international center for music and dance artists (95 – Val d’Oise département).


  • The Firm is a member of the EBAA (European Business Aviation Association)
  • The Firm is a member of the Association des Pays de Roissy