Company law / Investments

Chesneau Fischel advises equally large groups and SMEs, medium-sized enterprises and startups at the different stages of their development.

The Firm thus intervenes on any and all legal issues that a company encounters during its setup, growth, consolidation and restructuring phases.

As part of its interventions, the Firm also includes in the advice that it gives the effects in terms of tax and labour law of all operations relating to the company as a legal entity and its internal organization.

Assisting businesses and investors

The Firm assists companies and investors in the following areas:

  • Choice of legal entity, drafting of company byelaws, incorporation
  • Fund raising operations, capital increases
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Internal restructuring
  • Transfers, mergers, acquisitions, contributions, transformations
  • Cross-border expansions (Joint Ventures, partnerships, relocations)